How To Get Cheap Automobile Insurance Online In Alabama

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Everyone who drives a motorized vehicle on a public roadway in Alabama must buy automobile insurance. It’s the law, and failure to purchase automobile insurance can result in your vehicle’s registration being revoked, your driver’s license being suspended, and fines and penalties that can easily add up to several hundreds of dollars.

Rather than risk all of this, wouldn’t it be better to simply get some cheap automobile insurance online and avoid all of the hassles?

The question, of course, is how do you find the best and the cheapest price for automobile insurance online here in Alabama? The answer is to first put together an automobile insurance policy designed to save money – and only then get online and find out how much you can save by shopping around.

If you are thinking of purchasing a car you should be aware that some cars cost a lot more to insure than others. Before you get your heart set on a make and model that you really can’t afford to insure, talk to your agent and get a list of the least-costly automobiles to insure.

Keep your driving record clean. Your driving record determines whether or not you can even get cheap automobile insurance in Alabama. Any moving violation, such as a speeding ticket, will increase how much you pay for insurance.

If you have a DUI or a DWI conviction on your driving record then there is no way for you to get the cheapest rates on automobile insurance for a minimum of 3 years – possibly longer.

Is there a garage where you can keep your car at night? If so, let your agent know as this will save you money month after month.

Ask your agent if buying some simple anti-theft devices, such as a steering wheel lock or an electronic device which shuts off your fuel pump can save you money on your premium each month.

If you modify your car in any way, particularly so as to make it faster, you will probably pay more for your insurance.

Can you drive less? If you can use public transportation for the majority of your “driving” and you can keep your mileage down to 500 miles per month or less you should be able to qualify for a Low Mileage Discount.

If you carpool at work let your agent know as this can save you money on your insurance. Likewise if you stop working and you are no longer driving back and forth to work every day this, too, can save you money every month on your premium.

How much of a deductible can you afford? Don’t promise to pay more than you really and truly can afford, but the higher your deductible the lower your monthly premium payment will be.

O.K. Now it’s time to take the tips you have learned in this article and go online. Find 3 different websites that allow you to make head-to-head comparisons of insurance policies and their prices from different insurance companies.

Now, using what you’ve learned, enter the exact same information into the form on at least 3 different websites and keep track of your results. Simply choose the lowest price for the policy you have created and you’re done. It’s that simple.

That’s all you need to do to get cheap automobile insurance online in Alabama.