How To Find Affordable Long Term Care Insurance In Colorado

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Long term care is a diversity of services offered that provides medical and non medical help to those suffering from chronic illnesses or disabilities. Long term health care helps people meet health and personal needs. For the most part long term care is used to assist those with daily activities, such as dressing, bathing, and cleaning. Such services can be provided anywhere, a nursing home, private homes or in the community. Long term care is defined as a continuous stay for thirty days or more in a nursing facility, a home, or Community Based Services.

Colorado Eligibility for Long Term Care

  1. In order to qualify for long term care in Colorado an applicant must be of the following:

Elderly- must be 65 years or older

Blind- you have to meet the Social Security’s standards of blindness

Disabled – If you receive Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Income or have been determined disabled by Disability Determination Services then you can qualify for long term care.

There are two applications that must be finished simultaneously. This is imperative in deciding the first date of eligibility:

Financial eligibility determination

The Medicaid application can be filled out through Colorado’s County Department of Human/Services

Uniform Long Term Care form for service eligibility. You can find this form at your county’s option for Long Term Care Single Entry Point or at a nursing facility. There are twenty six Single Entry Point that service the whole state.
The forms are then reviewed by a state designated peer review organization.

Shopping for Long Term Care Insurance

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has created a “Shoppers Guide to Long Term Care Insurance”. This brochure can be obtained for no cost at the Colorado State Insurance Department. The booklet provides basic information on long term care insurance.

Before you buy any long term care insurance it’s important for you to know exactly what you want out of long term care insurance. Most importantly make sure you have found an insurance company that you really trust.

Next you should consider the insurance company financial stability or strength ratings and rate increase overtime. Why? Because you want them to still be able to be there for you in the future.
It’s important to understand long term care terms that will be used when you’re looking for insurance that will provide such care. Make sure you do your research beforehand and if you don’t understand some of the terminologies used don’t hesitate to ask questions.

As you have probably already know, obtaining long term care in Colorado or basically in any state can require a lot of work. If you are to be successful then it’s important for you to do the research and be prepared with the information you might need to provide. You can definitely find affordable long term care insurance in Colorado.